Episode 66

Published on:

24th Feb 2023

How a wood laser cutter launched Lauren Vieux's Etsy shop to $10K Months selling piggy banks

In this episode, we sit down with Lauren Vieux, the talented handmade seller behind the successful Etsy shop, Barley and Oak.

Lauren started creating with her hands as a form of therapy and has since grown her business from string art to custom wood decor, focusing on creating personalized pieces for her customers. One of her most popular items is a custom piggy bank for children, featuring their first initial in acrylic on the front and their name in cursive. Her piggy banks have gained popularity through social media, with viral TikToks bringing in a surge of orders for the handmade keepsakes.

She takes us through her journey of discovering the power of a wood laser cutter and how it allowed her to create intricate and customizable designs for her customers. In addition, we delve into the details of how she discovered the demand for custom piggy banks, how she perfected her process, and the role that the Etsy Accelerator course and community played in her success, providing her with the support, resources, and a community needed to take her shop to new heights, earning up to $10K per month selling unique and personalized piggy banks.

What you'll Learn

  • Getting into the field of laser cutting
  • Maintaining your Etsy sales momentum to boost your shop's visibility and traffic
  • Personalized piggy banks: How Lauren turned a challenging customer request into a viral sensation
  • The significance of customer feedback in the success of small businesses
  • Staying creative and relevant during sales slumps

"[Etsy Accelerator] is an investment into your business. I can say that since I've started with you, I have a better understanding of SEO and how to make my descriptions look better. Because I am one person, and so sometimes it's nice to have a fresh pair of eyes to see your stuff and give you some critique that you may have not had otherwise."

-Lauren Vieux

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