Episode 70

Published on:

26th Apr 2023

From 7 orders a year to 5,325 orders with Crystal Seymour's bead supply shop

In this episode, I talk to Crystal Seymour, who owns an Etsy shop called "You Don't Need a Reason," where she sells bracelets and gemstone beads that are handmade for those who love making jewelry. She shares her story of how she started in 2017 and only made seven sales in the first year. Crystal then talks about how she changed her focus to selling only stretch bracelets and joined our Etsy Accelerator program, which is a community of successful Etsy sellers that provide guidance to help others succeed. The program covers everything from product photography to marketing and SEO. Crystal's shop gained momentum and went from seven orders in 2017 to over 5,000 orders in 2022. Listen to her motivating story!

What you'll Learn

  • You don't need a reason to be kind, you just need to be willing
  • Niching down to one specific product type
  • Leveraging Facebook seller support communities for successful Etsy selling
  • The role of market research and sales data in driving e-commerce growth
  • Strategies for effective online advertising on a budget to boost conversions
  • Overcoming challenges of running an Etsy shop and selling through social media

"What do I love about [Etsy Accelerator]? Learning different tools when they come out and how to utilize those to your benefit."

-Crystal Seymour

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